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Dsa Titanium Anode For Sewage Treatment

  • Product NameDsa Titanium Anode For Sewage Treatment
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    Case: Remove Fe ions in water specially called Acid Mine Drainage with electrochemical process in Korea plant
    · Raw water is Acid mine drainage. The pH is 5 to 7,Website:, and the electrical conductivity is about 800 to 1000 us/cm.
    · The concentration of Fe to be treated is 50 mg/L.
    · The concentration of Ca, which is an electrode scale inducing substance, is high, and Si is included.
    DSA Ti anode for Heavy metal contaminated water treatment process type :
    Mesh type thickness : 1.5~1.6mm
    Mesh size:4.5*12.5mm
    MMO coating titanium anode specification of Ti and Coating Ir.
    The electrolyte composition does not contain fluoride ions, chlorine ions;
    Working current output 6mA/cm2. Life span 5 years.Do not suggest to make use of reverse polarity

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